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BackupAssist + Exchange Granular Restore Add-on - 24 Months Support and Updates

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BackupAssist + Exchange Granular Restore Add-on - 24 Months Support and Updates
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Protect your data and systems with BackupAssist

Windows Server backup and disaster recovery software to protect your data from corruption, hardware failures or a natural disaster. Designed for small and medium business, BackupAssist is reliable and predictable to ensure business continuity.

Introducing the NEW BackupAssist v7.3

NEW Direct Exchange Injection: Restore individual mail items directly into a live Exchange Server.
NEW Fully-integrated support for Exchange Server 2013.
NEW Exchange Granular Restore: Now the backups that protect your Exchange Server can be used to restore individual emails and mail items.
NEW Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

NEW Enhanced Central Administration so you can now restore data remotely using a remote BackupAssist session.
NEW Data containers that can be created for image backups on network, external disk, local drive and RDX destinations.
NEW Portable image backups for RDX, network, external disk and local drive destinations. Image backups can now be moved to another supported media and all the backups on that media can still be restored.
Supports the full range of Microsoft Windows Servers and Small Business Servers and VSS applications like Exchange, SQL and Hyper-V.
Affordable and flexible pricing means you pay for what you need - buy a base license and purchase Add-ons separately depending on your requirements.
Schedule and automate your backups with advanced, custom schemes for fast, simple and predictable backups.
Fully-featured protection

An intuitive interface with Backup, Restore, Recover and Remote tabs that make navigation easy
VSS-Aware backups to protect applications such as Exchange, SQL and Hyper-V
Granular restore options for individual mail items, files inside Hyper-V environments and individual SQL databases
Cloud ready internet backups using Rsync or FTP
Comprehensive support for backup destinations including: network destinations, NAS, RDX, iSCSI destinations, local drives, optical disks and tape drives

Effortlessly backup your IT infrastructure, both systems and data

BackupAssist makes the core decisions easy guiding you through: what to backup, where to backup and when to backup.

Back up files and applications or complete servers using: System Protection, File Protection and File Archiving.
Standard backups are VSS-Aware allowing for real-time backups of Exchange, SQL, Hyper-V and other VSS applications.
Back up Hyper-V machines, including those in CSV environments.
Back up SQL Servers on a near-continuous basis (minimum every 15 minutes) for maximum protection.
Use a single Exchange backup to restore both Exchange Servers and individual mail items.
A tailored selection of schemes that provide both daily and historical backups with media labelling and notifications.
Create, manage, monitor and report on your backups in real time both locally and remotely.
Rapidly retrieve data from your backup

BackupAssist provides an integrated suite of restore technologies that step you through the restore process.

BackupAssist will catalogue your backups so they are easy to locate and associate them with the appropriate restore tool.
Use the Restore Console to search multiple backups at the same time or browse a single backup to locate the data you want.
Restore individual files from a Hyper-V guest and its host or restore the virtual machine itself.
Restore an Exchange Server's databases, mailboxes and individual mail items like emails from a single backup.
Restore an entire SQL Server, databases or individual transactions.

Swiftly rebuild your entire system from a backup

You can rely on BackupAssist to recover your systems and data quickly and minimise your downtime

Create a customized, bootable recovery media using RecoverAssist.
Launch a custom recovery environment with support files, drivers and command line support.
Select from a list of recovery tools and applications and add them to your recovery media.
Access an image backup from a local drive, network share or iSCSI target and perform a bare-metal recovery of your system and data.
Remote administration made easy

The remote tools provided by BackupAssist make managing multiple machines quick and easy.

Central Administration can be used to perform remote backups, remote restores and real-time monitoring and reporting.
The two main technologies in Central Administration are:
Remote console: a web application that can be used from anywhere on your LAN to view reports and to start, stop and monitor your backup jobs.
Remote session: Open a remote session and manage another computer's BackupAssist installation so you can create and modify backup jobs and restore data.
Centralized Monitoring: a web resource for Resellers that consolidates reports from all of your backup jobs and provides helpful options for viewing and analysing those reports.

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